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How to Order

At Canada RX Connection our goal is to make your ordering process fast and easy.

To take advantage of our incredible savings you will need to do the following:

New patients - placing your first order:

  1. Obtain prescription from your doctor.
  2. Download and complete the patient order form or complete the form online.
  3. Download and complete the Patient Authorization Agreement.

Fax the patient order form and your doctor's prescription to Canada Rx Connection at toll free 1-866-896-7099

Canada Rx Connection
1203 Richard Ave
Winnipeg, MB
R3E 3H3
Telephone: 1-866-247-2323 Fax: 1-866-896-7099

It's that simple!

Please note that all forms are in PDF format, which is the Internet's standard. In order to open it you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free plug-in and can be easily obtained by clicking here

Existing patients:

Refills for prescriptions we have previously had filled

You can order refills by providing us with the re-order number or a copy of the new refill prescription by fax, calling us toll free at 1-866-247-2323 or by sending us an e-mail at , or mailing your prescription refill forms to:

Canada Rx Connection
1203 Richard Ave
Winnipeg, MB
R3E 3H3
Telephone: 1-866-247-2323 Fax: 1-866-896-7099

Existing patients with new prescriptions

Submit a new order and a copy of your new prescription by fax or mail.

Patient information and approval

Your prescription will also be authorized by a licensed Canadian physician. Therefore completing the patient questionnaire is mandatory. After your information has been approved your prescription will be filled by a licensed pharmacy with whom we are affiliated. If additional information is required the prescribing doctor may be contacted. All of your information will be kept in your chart. All information provided is kept strictly confidential.

Refills and quantities

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) limits the quantity of medication mailed to a resident of the USA to a 3-month supply for personal use. Every 3 months you may receive a refill of your medications provided that the prescription you provided us allows for these refills. Once these refills have been filled for the allotted frequency you will have to send us a new prescription.

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Shipping, handling and postage fee is $15.00 per shipment.
All prices on this website are in U.S. dollars.

Urgent Need

We will arrange for all orders to be shipped by an Expedited Express Service within the U.S. Postal System.We also offer a Track A Package Service at no additional charge. If your shipment does not arrive within 8 or 9 days, a tracking number will be issued upon request.

Drugs we do not process orders for

We do not process orders for narcotics

Generic Drugs

We will arrange for generic products whenever they are available. You and/or your physician will be able to choose the brand name product or the equivalent generic. You may verify with your doctor that the generic is right for you.

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Processing Time

We require approximately 5-7 business days for processing your initial order, and 2-3 weeks for processing from a foreign fulfillment pharmacy. Refills will also ship within 5-7 business days or 2-3 weeks if shipped from a foreign fulfillment pharmacy. In many cases your order will be shipped faster. If you have not received your order within this time period please contact us toll free at 1-866-247-2323.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of the products, all sales are final and products are not returnable. As your order will be filled by and shipped from a licensed pharmacy, we guarantee that your order will be filled exactly as written by your doctor.

Contact Us

Call our Canada RX Connection representatives at toll free at 1-866-247-2323 or e-mail us at

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