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The most trusted name in Canadian prescription drugs order processing

Canada Rx Connection has earned the reputation of being a reliable processing center in the Canadian pharmacy online market, arranging to provide Americans with high quality Canada approved brand name and generic drugs with considerable savings and outstanding customer care.

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada, Canada Rx Connection will have your prescription filled by one of its affiliated Canadian Pharmacies or give you the option of having your prescription filled on line from one of our affiliate Canadian Pharmacies by dispensing through a foreign fulfillment pharmacy. Open 8:00am to 7:00pm CST, Monday through Friday, we have a fully licenced staff at your service on line or by phone.

At Canada Rx Connection, we are committed to providing you access to prescription drugs from licensed Canadian pharmacies online, helping you save money while maintaining the safe & reliable quality care and personalized service that patients enjoy from their neighborhood pharmacy.

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